County Indigent Health Care Regional Meetings and Training Classes



We are pleased to announce that we are conducting a combination of Regional Training & Meeting which is being held around the state and in the DSHS Health Service Regions. Registration is required...  See scheduled dates and locations below.   

The meeting will provide an update on both recent and upcoming CIHCP policy and revisions, as well as work a few scenarios that may test your knowledge of current policy.  It will also include a brief overview of Chapter 61, Eligibility, and Bill Payment Policies.  An added plus is the great opportunity for you to meet and interact with other CIHCP coordinators from across the State. 

It is a 1-day session lasting approximately 6 hours.  The target audience are staff who have already attended the CIHCP Basic Training as this session is not intended to provide the level of detail that is in the Basic Training.

If you are interested in attending you may send your request to be registered via e-mail to the trainer Karen Gray at or by calling 512-776-2752.  Please be sure to include the email address, name, entity/facility name, and contact phone number for each person registering.

We look forward to seeing you at the training…

There are no regional meetings currently sheduled.

CIHCP 2-Day Basic Training

Click here for a description of CIHCP Basic Training.

Last updated March 05, 2014