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    Infectious Disease Control Unit
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PAE Resources




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PAE Training Materials for Texas Reporting

      Introduction to TxHSN PAE Users Guide  PDF PowerPoint, March 2015

      Introduction to TxHSN PAE HAI User Guide  PDF PowerPoint, March 2015 

      PAE Reporting 101  Recorded webinar, 01/16/2015

      PAE Reporting 101   PowerPoint, with notes, 01/16/2015

      PAE Data Reporting   Recorded webinar, 12/22/14

      PAE Data Reporting  PowerPoint, with notes

PAE Tool Kit

    Definitions and Guidance  PDF, 523, KB Revised 4/1/2015

    Perinatal Algorithm 01/01/2015

    PAE Categories and Tiers 120214

    Current PAE Brochure Sept 2014  PDF, 567 KB

    PAE Alert for ASC's  Word, 49.6 KB

    TxHSN PAE Questions Worksheet   PDF, 594 KB, Revised 04/01/2015

    PAE Contact Change Form 11_12_2014

PAE Resource Websites

AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
IHI Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  Journal of Patient Safety
NHSN National Healthcare Safety Network
NPSF Patient Safety Foundation
NQF National Quality Forum  (SRE's)
PSNET AHRQ Patient Safety Network
PSOPPC Patient Safety Organization Privacy Protection Center
TAHQ Texas Association for Healthcare Quality
TAC Tx Administrative Code
THA Texas Hospital Association


TxHSN PAE Reporting Schedule

TxHSN PAE Report Schedule









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Last updated April 13, 2015