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What is Power2Wait?

The Power2Wait toolkit is designed to empower students to delay initiation of sexual activity. The free toolkit uses a variety of materials that employ different teaching methods to communicate the importance of responsible sexual choices and help youth find their own Power2Wait.

What is included in the Power2Wait Toolkit?

Materials included in the toolkit are presented in a logical order but are flexible to be adapted to meet different classroom needs. Each toolkit is composed of:

  • An interactive disc with electronic games
  • A DVD disc with Teen Testimonials
  • Three educational card games
  • One Power2Wait Facilitator’s Guide, with reproducible activities for students and parents

Is there a cost associated with the Power2Wait toolkit?

No, the Power2Wait toolkit is a free resource available to school districts and community groups.

How do I order a Power2Wait toolkit?

To receive the toolkit order form, contact:

Crystal Starkey

For information on other abstinence-centered resources, please visit the “Request Our Help” section on www.ourtown4teens.org

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Last updated October 18, 2013