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    Texas Arthritis Program

Texas Arthritis Advisory Committee


The 79th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 691 which included the creation of the Arthritis Advisory Committee.  Members are appointed by the Commissioner of Health and currently consist of 11 appointed members. Some of the activities of the committee include:

  • Advising the Department of State Health Services on developing and implementing the Arthritis Control and Prevention Program;
  • Providing advice on the planning, implementation, and monitoring of statewide arthritis activities;
  • Increasing health education, public awareness, and community outreach activities related to arthritis;
  • Increasing and improving the availability of community-based services to persons with arthritis;
  • Promoting public awareness through partnerships with public and private organizations;
  • Assessing the current state of arthritis prevalence, morbidity, mortality, professional awareness, and educational needs for and availability of support for services; and
  • Identifying existing and effective evidence-based programs for persons with arthritis.


Last updated January 13, 2010