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»Click here for more information about evidence-based arthritis programs offered by the Arthritis Foundation. This link takes you to the Arthritis Foundation web site.

Physical Activity Programs

The physical activity programs listed below are all approved evidence-based programs that are proven to improve the quality of life of people with arthritis. Scientific studies have shown that physical activity can reduce pain, improve function, mood, and quality of life for adults with arthritis. Physical activity also can help manage other chronic conditions that are common among adults with arthritis, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity and prolong life.

  • Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP) - Incorporates range of motion, strengthening and endurance building exercises at warm water pool facilities.
  • Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP) - Incorporates non-impact exercises, standing or seated, to improve strength, flexibility, endurance; includes relaxation methods and health education.
  • Active Living Everyday (ALED) -Classroom instruction to learn how to overcome barriers, set goals, and create personal action plans for physical activity outside of the classroom.
  • EnhanceFitness (EF) - A community-delivered exercise program that focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, strength-training, and low-impact aerobics.
  • Fit and Strong - A community-based physical activity and behavior change intervention offering stretching, balance, aerobic, and endurance exercises. Health education, problem solving and goal setting also are important components of Fit and Strong.
  • Walk With Ease (WWE) (Group Led) – A community-based, group walking program offered by the Arthritis Foundation. The Walk With Ease (WWE) arthritis self-management program was developed by the Arthritis Foundation to be used in a community setting with individuals who may be either self or medically diagnosed with arthritis.

Self-Management Education

  • Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP) – A 6 week course designed to help individuals learn and practice the different techniques needed to build an individualized self-management program and gain the confidence to carry it out.
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) - Community workshops to deal with problems associated with chronic disease, appropriate exercise, nutrition, and effective communications with family, friends, and health professionals.
  • Tomando Control de su Salud (Spanish Chronic Disease Self-Management Program) - Community workshops to deal with problems associated with chronic disease, appropriate exercise, nutrition, and effective communications with family, friends, and health professionals. All classes taught in Spanish and in a culturally-appropriate manner.
  • Programa de Manejo Personal de la Artritis (Spanish Arthritis Self-Management Program- SASMP) - An interactive workshop designed specifically for Spanish-speaking people with arthritis. SASMP addresses both health behaviors and disease-management skills such as techniques to deal with pain and fatigue; appropriate exercises; use of medication; communicating with friends, family and health care providers; use of the health care system and evaluation of new and alternative treatments.

A compendium of CDC Arthritis Program recommended evidence-based programs is now available. The purpose of this compendium is to assist you in selecting interventions by providing a concise, standardized review of each intervention. Compendium of Arthritis Appropriate Physical Activity and Self-Management Education Interventions [PDF - 1.06MB]


Last updated February 19, 2013