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    Texas Arthritis Program

Texas Arthritis Program Data and Statistics

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BRFSSTexas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) prevalence data are used to estimate how many persons in the state of Texas currently have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The Texas BRFSS completes about 500 surveys of randomly selected adult Texans (aged 18 and older) each month to collect data on lifestyle risk factors contributing to the leading causes of death and chronic diseases. Because the BRFSS is used nationwide, comparisons can be made to other states and the national average. The BRFSS provides a mechanism that states can use to collect data on health issues of special interest to their population. BRFSS data can also be analyzed with other demographics and risk factors that are related.

» Click here to create data tables using BRFSS data. Arthritis data is available for 2009. Pick "2009" for "Year" prior to selecting other variables for arthritis.

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Last updated February 19, 2013