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    The Asbestos Program is within the Division for Regulatory Services
    P. O. Box 149347
    Austin, TX 78714-9347
    (512) 834-6770.

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Notification and Information - Asbestos Program



The mission of Notification and Information is to provide timely and accurate asbestos abatement project information to the DSHS Regional inspectors by reviewing and processing the demolition/renovation notifications in a thorough and expeditious manner. We will use every means possible to educate the regulated community about the state and federal laws and to distribute the most current information regarding methods to safeguard against exposure to the hazards of asbestos that may result from negligent asbestos activities.

Our goal is to encourage and achieve compliance with the rules, especially those rules regarding notification, by offering willing assistance to all of our clients.  

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at: (512) 834-6770 or (800) 572-5548 (Texas Toll Free)

Demolition/Renovation Notification Form 

The Department of State Health Services Demolition/Renovation form combines the requirements of the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), 40 CFR, Subpart M and the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules (TAHPR). Both of these regulations require that written notification be submitted before beginning renovation projects which include the disturbance of any asbestos-containing material (ACM) in a building or facility or before the demolition of a building or facility, even when no asbestos is present.  

The Demolition/Renovation form must be used whether you are notifying in accordance with NESHAP, TAHPR, or both. The notification form must be postmarked at least 10 working days (not calendar days) prior to the project start date (except for emergencies or ordered demolitions). Notifications which do not meet the 10-day requirement or are incomplete are considered to be "improper" and may result in enforcement proceedings. If an item on the form is not applicable to the project in question, you must write "N.A." in that space.

In addition, a copy of this form must be provided to your regional inspector prior to the start of your project -- Asbestos Regional and Local Inspectors List.


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Last updated November 19, 2012