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Rules, Policies and Regulatory Clarifications


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The Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules (TAHPR) were approved and became effective on October 20, 1992. The TAHPR established the procedures and means to implement the provisions of Chapter 295, Occupations Code. The purpose of the TAHPR is to establish the means of control and minimization of public exposure to airborne asbestos fibers, a known carcinogen and dangerous health hazard, by regulating asbestos disturbance activities in buildings that afford public access or occupancy.

The TAHPR require that a person must be appropriately licensed or registered to engage in asbestos abatement or any asbestos-related activity. Those persons whose jobs relate to the physical aspects of a building including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, telephone and maintenance personnel, and those who occupy such buildings, are at great risk of asbestos-related disease unless proper training, personal protection, and/or engineering controls are rigorously employed. Prudent management of asbestos in buildings is vitally necessary for their protection.

Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules (TAHPR)


CHAPTER 295.31 - CHAPTER 295.73

Download the Rules in Its Entirety:

PDF File   (576KB)

Asbestos Regulatory Clarifications


Demolition of Small Residential Buildings by Municipalities


Removal of Non-Asbestos Flooring Adhered to Asbestos-Containing Adhesive/Mastic and the Applicability of the Resilient Floor Coverings Institute (RFCI) Recommended Work Practices

The following asbestos regulatory clarifications (ARC) were written by the legacy TDH Asbestos Program prior to August 2003

ARC-001, February 2001 Application of the TAHPR and NESHAP to the Demolition of a Public Building   (pdf 67KB)
ARC-002, February 2001 Preparatory Work and Licensing   (pdf 45KB)
ARC-003, February 2001 Air Monitoring Technician Working for an O&M Contractor   (pdf 43KB)
ARC-004, February 2001 Eligibility for Licensure under 25 TAC §295.47(e)   (pdf 41KB)
ARC-005, February 2001 The Utilization of Large Consolidated Waste Containment Systems (LCWCS)   (pdf 39KB)
ARC-006, February 2001 Clarification of the Term “Start Date” for Asbestos Abatement Projects in Public Buildings   (pdf 38KB)
ARC-007, February 2001 Amounts of Asbestos Regulated by the TAHPR  (pdf 95KB)
ARC-008, February 2001 AHERA, ESA’s, EIS’s, & the 3-sample requirement   (pdf 49KB)
ARC-009, February 2001 The Demolition of a Public Building with Asbestos Containing Materials in Place   (pdf 52KB)
ARC-010, November 2001 The Applicability of TAHPR and NESHAP to Painting Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM)   (pdf 72KB)
ARC-011, November 2001 Clarification of the Term Completion Date for Demolition and Renovation Projects   (pdf 50KB)
ARC-012, November 2001 Clarification of the Term “Airlock”   (pdf 44KB)
ARC-013, November 2001 The Impact of Sovereign Immunity and the Relationship of State to Federal Regulations   (pdf 53KB)
ARC-014, November 2001 Analysis of Joint Compound for Asbestos Content   (pdf 52KB)
ARC-015, June 2002 The Role of a General Contractor in a Renovation or Demolition Project   (pdf 61KB)
ARC-016, November 2001 The Meaning of “During the Project” in Public Buildings   (pdf 43KB)
ARC-017, November 2001 Licensing Renewal Period   (pdf 43KB)
ARC-018, November 2001 Asbestos Survey Conducted Prior to December 1998   (pdf 83KB)
ARC-019, November 2001 Application of Point Counting Bulk Samples in Regards to TAHPR   (pdf 53KB)
ARC-020, November 2001 Work Practices that Deviate from the Provisions – Alternate Control Method Format and Process Approval   (pdf 46KB)
ARC-021, July 2003 Qualifiable Licensing Experience  (pdf 49KB)
ARC-022, August 2003

Removing Non-Asbestos Floor Tile with RFCI   (pdf 43KB) *This ARC has been replaced with PSQA-ASB002*

Resilient Floor Covering Institute Guidance 

Please be advised that DSHS is enforcing the 1998 Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) Recommended Work Practices (pdf 1.29MB, large file).  DSHS will publish any RFCI advisories, updates, etc. in the Tri-Annual Bulletin and on the Asbestos Web Page following any changes on the use of the RFCI Guidelines. The January 1998 RFCI Guidelines are issued by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute; 996 Hungerford Drive; Suite 12B; Rockville, MD 20850; (301) 340-8580.

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