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North East ISD Asthma Awareness Education Program

Congratulations to Diane Rhodes, Assistant Director of the North East ISD (NEISD) Asthma Awareness Education Program (AAEP), and her team for receiving the coveted Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 National Leadership Award in Asthma Management. The award recognizes exemplary asthma management programs that are using innovative approaches to improve patient health and quality of life. NEISD, which is located in San Antonio, serves 67,000 students, including more than 8,000 children with asthma. AAEP is the first school-based asthma program to receive this prestigious award, and one of only three award recipients this year. 

NEISD utilizes the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program framework, which addresses four overlapping components of a comprehensive program:


The program works to:


  • Increase asthma awareness in the school community,

  • Train school nurses, administration and staff on asthma management for the student population,

  • Provide education, tools and other services to help school staff address the needs of students with asthma and to create and maintain good indoor air quality for all students and staff,

  • Address environmental asthma triggers in schools through training for custodial staff and monthly meetings with facilities staff,

  • Assure each student with asthma has an asthma action plan that details medicine dosage and usage, and actions to take in the event of exacerbated symptoms, and

  • Provides in-home case management to include personalized counseling, identification and reduction of asthma triggers in the home, and coordination to assure the child has a medical home.

NEISD program efforts have reduced asthma symptoms and trips to the emergency department, and increased attendance rates among students with asthma.

For more information on the NEISD’s Asthma Awareness and Education Program, visit their website: http://www.neisd.net/env_health/


Last updated June 30, 2014