Nursing Workforce Reports


Nursing Workforce in Texas - Demographics and Trends Reports

  • Nursing Workforce in Texas - 2013: Demographics and Trends (Report-PDF, 8.43 MB)
  • Nursing Workforce in Texas - 2011: Demographics and Trends (PDF, 2.61 MB)
  • Nursing Workforce in Texas - 2009: Demographics and Trends (PDF, 515 KB)
  • Nursing Workforce in Texas - 2007: Demographics and Trends (PDF, 480 KB)
  • Nursing Workforce in Texas - 2003: Demographics and Trends (PDF, 480 KB)

Other Reports

  • White Paper - 2012 Nursing Workforce Disparities on the U.S.-Mexico Border (PDF, 290 KB)
  • 2009 Educational Pipelines for Registered Nurses in Texas (PDF, 64 KB)
  • White Paper - Highlights: Internationally Educated Nurses in Texas, 2006 (PDF, 240 KB)
  • White Paper - Highlights: Recruitment and Retention of Nurses in the Workforce (PDF, 120 KB)
  • White Paper - Highlights: Strategies to Retain Older, Experienced Nurses in the Workforce (PDF,120 KB)
  • White Paper - Highlights: The Economic Impact of the Nursing Shortage (PDF, 120 KB)
  • Migration Trends: Texas RN and LVN Workforce (PDF, 480 KB)

Note: These reports are the results of research and analyses conducted by the Center for Health Statistics on health professions data. The results do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the Department of State Health Services.

For demographic and supply trends for all health professions (including nursing), go to the Health Professions Resource Center website.

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Last updated September 12, 2014