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Center for Health Statistics

The Portal for Comprehensive Health Data in Texas

HSR2014Cover A major new report quantifying significant disease trends in Texas has been released. The Health Status of Texas 2014 (PDF, 12.6MB) estimates the disease burden across major population groups and describes trends over time that impact efforts to protect the health of millions of Texans.

The latest version contains 100+ graphs and charts, 50+ new maps, and a new data tables and trends section. In addition, a downloadable Health Status of Texas Supplement (Excel, 210KB) provides data from a majority of the charts and graphs throughout the report.
MonahrqLogo MONAHRQ® is a tool that analyzes, summarizes, and presents healthcare information in a ready-to-use format for consumers and other decision makers on:
  • Quality of care at the hospital level;
  • Health care utilization at the hospital level;
  • Preventable hospitalizations at the area level;
  • Rates of conditions and procedures at the area level; and
  • Estimated costs and cost-savings related to the quality of care.
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Texas Health Indicators Texas Health Indicators is an online collection of data displays exploring priority health trends in Texas over the last decade. In December 2014 the site was updated to include more recent data and to add several new indicators.  This initiative directly addresses two of the ten essential public health services:
  • Monitor health status to identify community health problems, and
  • Inform, educate, and empower people about health issues.
Supported in part by funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support under the Prevention and Public Health Fund 2012: National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII).
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Data provided by CHS

Abortion data - Vital Statistics data tables
Behavioral Risk Factors (BRFSS)
Birth data - customized queries
Birth, fetal death, and pregnancy data tables
Birth defect data - customized queries
Death data - customized queries
Death data - Vital Statistics data tables
Health professions - online data tables
HMO performance data
Hospital discharge data
Hospital survey data
Infant mortality
Major trauma - customized queries
Population data
Youth Risk Factors (YRBSS)


Other DSHS Data

Birth defects monitoring
Cardiovascular disease and stroke
Chronic diseases
Environmental illnesses
Healthy Texas Babies
Infectious diseases
Injury and trauma data
Mental Health Data & Reports
Morbidity data
Substance Abuse Stats
Substance Abuse Statewide Client Data
Vaccine preventable diseases
Zoonotic diseases

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Last updated March 19, 2015