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Public Health Workforce - Summary


Note: These reports are the results of research and analyses conducted by the Center for Health Statistics and do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the Department of State Health Services.

The information contained in the following summary pertain only to the:

  • Local Health Departments that contract with DSHS to provide Public Health services
  • Local Health Departments that do not contract with DSHS to provide public health services
  • Texas Health and Human Services Enterprise Agencies
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers 

    The following summary table (Table 1 from the reports) shows, for each type of health provider, the sum of the results of the surveys of the entities listed above:

  • Summary Table   (PDF document - 50 kb)

    Note: reports are in a .pdf file format and must be printed/viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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    Last updated February 18, 2011