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Q. If a woman was diagnosed in Mexico with cancer, can BCCS funds be used to diagnose her in the USA through a CLIA certified lab. (7/2008)

A. If a woman was diagnosed in Mexico and she wants the same specimen reviewed by a US CLIA lab, BCCS funds  CANNOT  be used to pay for the pathology evaluation. (Policy Manual - Section II, Chapter 3, page II-51)

Q.  Are pregnant women eligible for BCCS services? (6/2008)

A. Any woman who meets the eligibility criteria for BCCS is eligible for BCCS services.  However, if the woman is pregnant, some diagnostic procedures and/or treatment may wait until the baby is born.

Q. Can the Title V Dysplasia funds that are now incorporated into the BCCS program be used for providing a colposcopy to a 16 year old? (9/2007)

A. No. The Title V Dysplasia funds that were incoropated into the BCCS program are for dysplasia treatment within the BCCS program guidelines and the patient must meet the BCCS eligibility criteria.

Cervical age eligibility criteria is 18 to 64 years. ( pg II - 3 of the policy manual)

Q. How is family composition defined for determining eligibility for the BCCS program? Family composition is defined for the Medicaid Treatment Act (Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer, MBCC) on page II-1 of the FY08 BCCS Policy Manual. Is this same definition also applicable for determining the family composition for BCCS program eligibility purposes, and are unborn children considered in determining family size? (10/2007)

A. BCCC family composition is "Family Composition – The group consists of the applicant, her spouse, and all mutual and non-mutual children. If an unmarried applicant lives with a partner, ONLY count the partner’s income and children as part of the group IF the applicant and her partner have mutual children together. No children aged 19 and older or other adults living in the household should be counted as part of the group" FY08 BCCS Manual, Section II Chapter 1-Client Eligibility and Assement of Co-Pay/Fees; page II-1.

An unborn child is not included in BCCS Family Composition






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