County Indigent Health Care Program - Eligibility Criteria


Eligibility Criteria

·        Residence.  The applicant must live in the county in which s/he applies and must intend to remain there.

·        Household.  A CIHCP household is a person living alone or two or more persons living together where legal responsibility for support exists, excluding disqualified persons.  A disqualified person is one who receives or is categorically eligible to receive Medicaid.   

·        Resources.  A household is eligible if the total countable household resources do not exceed:

       o       $3,000.00 when a person who is aged or disabled and who meets relationship requirements lives in the home or

o        $2,000.00 for all other households.

·        Income.  A household is eligible if its monthly net income does not exceed 21% of the Federal Poverty Guideline (FPG).  Counties may choose to increase the monthly income standard to a maximum of 50% FPG, and still qualify to apply for state assistance funds.

    CIHCP Monthly 
    Income Standards
    April 1, 2013

    Family Size 21% of FPG
    1 $202
    2 $272
    3 $342
    4 $413
    5 $483

Your Texas Benefits is an eligibility screening tool that can help you determine if you may be potentially eligible for a variety of assistance programs, including the County Indigent Health Care Program.

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Last updated January 10, 2014