County Indigent Health Care Program Training Classes


County Indigent Health Care Program Quarterly Training Classes

The CIHCP Training classes are conducted in Austin (unless otherwise noted) four times a year. The currently scheduled dates are:

CIHCP 2 ½ - DAY BASIC TRAINING IN AUSTIN - September 23 – 25, 2014

The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) County Indigent Health Care Program will conduct the 2 ½ - Day  Basic Training in Austin on September 23 – 25, 2014.  The training will be from 8:30am - 4:30pm on days 1and 2, and will end at 12:30pm on the final day (please keep this in mind when making your travel plans).  Attendees are expected to attend all 3 days.  The training will be held at the Austin State Hospital Complex (ASH) located at 4110 Guadalupe, Training & Competency Development Building 631, Rm. 1077, Austin, TX 78751.  REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. Directions to Austin State Hospital


The training will provide an overview of the County Indigent Health Care Program (CIHCP) including reviews of Chapter 61, Eligibility, and Bill Payment Policies with hands-on exercises.  Also, there will be a session on Social Security Disability.  In addition, the training offers a great opportunity to meet and interact with other CIHCP coordinators from across the State.  

If you are interested in attending this or any other CIHCP training, you may send your request to be registered via e-mail to Karen Gray at   Please be sure to include in your email each person's name, email address, entity/facility name, and contact phone number. 

If you are interested in possibly hosting a CIHCP training session in your area, please send requests via e-mail to the CIHCP Trainer Karen Gray at or call (512) 776-7796.

We look forward to seeing you at training.

Advanced County Indigent Health Care Program Training

We are pleased to announce that Advanced CIHCP Training is available.  The training is being presented around the state in each DSHS Health Service Region.  

It is a 1-day training lasting approximately 6 hours and will address some of the more challenging issues faced by today's indigent staff.  The target audience will be staff who have already attended the CIHCP Basic Training.  It will include group discussions, question & answer sessions, and hands-on exercises regarding Chapter 61, Compliance, EligibilityBill Payment, and Application Processing Policies.  You will be in the company of CIHCP staff from surrounding counties which allows a great opportunity to meet and share experiences.

If you are interested in attending this or any other CIHCP training, we request that you register via e-mail with the Primary Care Group Trainer Karen Gray at or by calling 512-776-7796.

Dates and locations for the Advanced CIHCP Training are as follows:

There are no advanced training classes currently sheduled.

County Indigent Health Care Program Provider Training

We are excited to offer the County Indigent Health Care Program (CIHCP) Provider Training.  By extending training opportunities to providers and 3rd party resource groups who work with our client base, the CIHCP becomes an even more effective program for the community it serves.

This training provides a program overview which covers information beneficial to providers and 3rd party resource groups. To request training at your facility or for more information , you may e-mail the CIHCP Trainer, Karen Gray, at or call (512) 776-7796.  

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Last updated August 14, 2014