Code Enforcement Officer Registration Program Continuing Education - List of Approved CE Classes


Courses approved as acceptable continuing education for renewal of a code enforcement officer registration in Texas include:

1. Any course approved for license renewal by another Texas regulatory agency in appropriate subject matter:

The curriculum of an approved activity must include one or more of the following subjects: (1) zoning and zoning ordinance enforcement's; (2) sign regulations; (3) home occupations; (4) housing codes and ordinances; (5) building abatement; (6) nuisance violations; (7) abandoned vehicles; (8) junk vehicles; (9) health ordinances; (10) basic processes of law related to code enforcement; (11) professional, supervisory or management training related to the profession of code enforcement; or (12) legislative or legal updates related to the profession of code enforcement.

Contact the course sponsor before attending such a course to confirm that the course is approved for license renewal by another regulatory board or agency. You should keep proof of attendance, including number of hours granted and information showing which licensing board, program, or agency approved the continuing education, to produce in the event you are subject to a random audit.

2. Upcoming courses approved in accordance with the new rules on continuing education listed below in date order:

If the course you are planning to attend is not listed below, contact the course sponsor to find out whether the sponsor plans to have the course approved in accordance with the Code Enforcement Officer Registration Rules related to continuing education. If yes, the sponsor must send notice to our office at least 15 days prior to the event (30 day notice is preferred).

Once the date of a course is passed, we will remove it from our list.

You will know whether a course you have attended is approved, because any person who attends an approved course will receive a certificate from the course sponsor showing: his/her name; the name of the organization providing the training, the title of the activity; the date and location of the activity, and the continuing education hours earned. The certificate will state "Approved in accordance with 25 Texas Administrative Code, §140.168 for code enforcement officer/code enforcement officer in training registration renewal in Texas" and it will include a breakdown of the hours earned.

Keep copies of all certificates you receive from courses approved in accordance with these rules, to produce in the event you are subject to a random continuing education audit.

DSHS approved continuing education courses are also provided by the following organizations. Click on the link below to view their course offerings:

List of Approved Courses

External e-mail links are provided to you as a courtesy. Please be advised that you are not E-mailing the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and DSHS policies do not apply should you choose to correspond.

2014 CE Classes 

October 21 - 22, 2014
Class Title: Customer Service Inspector (CSI)
Instructor(s): Byron Hardin
Facilitator: same
Location:  HAC Training Room, 5005 W. Royal Lane, Irving, TX
Time(s): 8 – 4 pm (day 1); 8 – 11am (day 2)
Contact Information: Michelle Hardin, 972-823-8800

October 27, 2014
Class Title: Basics and Rules Relating to Backflow Prevention
Instructor(s):   Steve Fain
Facilitator: same
Location:  City of Lufkin Public Works, Lufkin, TX
Time: 8 - 5pm
Contact Information: Michelle Hardin, 972-823-8800

October 30 - 31, 2014
Class:  Customer Service Inspector (CSI)
Instructor: Steve Fain
Facilitator: same
Location:  City of Lufkin Public Works, Lufkin, TX
Time: 8 – 4 pm (day 1); 8 – 11am (day 2)
Contact information: Michelle Hardin, 972-823-8800

November 2014

11/4/2014 - 11/6/2014
Title: 2nd Central Texas Building Professional Institute
Instructor: Multiple
Location:  Hilton Austin Airport, Austin, TX
Time(s):  8am-5pm
Cost: Full day (6 hrs) Early Registration $100/ Late Registration $125; Half day (3 hrs) Early Registration $60/ Late registration $75
Contact information:  817-272-3701

November 18, 2014
Title: Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement / 1 Hour of Legal Updates
Instructors:  Mack Reinwand and Steven Meyer
Facilitator:  Building Professional Institute/ UT Arlington
Location:  Texas Southmost College, 301 Mexico Blvd., Brownsville, TX
Time:  8:30am-4:30pm
Cost: Early $100 full day, late $125 full day
Contact Information: 817-272-3701

October 2014

October 15, 2014
Title:  Safety - Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Instructor:  Plano Police Officer, Christopher Bianez
Facilitator:  City of Plano
Contact Information: Jamal D. Murray

Other CE Classes

North Central Texas Council of Governments
Prosecutor and Judge Training

Also, please be aware that North Central Texas Council of Governments is providing a half-day legal class for prosecutors, judges, other local government att
orneys and elected officials called Civil and Criminal Responses to Illegal Dumping. This class is being offered six times (three in fall and three in spring) throughout the NCTCOG region. This class is free and offers State Bar and other CEUs. The instructors are Roger Haseman, Harris County Assistant District Attorney and Clarissa Bauer, Harris County Assistant County Attorney. Each manages the environmental enforcement activities in their respective offices and are acknowledged as being the best in Texas at what they do. TIDRC and KTB are assisting NCTCOG in producing these classes, which are funded by a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

No matter where you are in Texas, if you have prosecutors, judges, sheriffs or other officials who would benefit from these free legal overview classes, now is the time to ask them to enroll.

Class information and schedule.

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Last updated October 22, 2014