New from 09-17-2013 Webinar

Multi-Year Training and  Exercise Plan Clarification

Multi-Year Training and  Exercise Plan FAQ

Documents for Exercise Reporting

These exercise documents replace all issued previously.  These will be reviewed quarterly and updated as necessary.

November 2012 Exercise Guidance

After Action Report/Improvement Plan V4.0

Multi-Year Training and  Exercise Plan Template - BP2

Notification of Exercise

Those with MS Office 2007 or newer are to use the Notification of Exercise 6-2012 using pull-down windows for common information, all others are to use the 97-2003 version which does not have the pull-down windows feature.

Notification of Exercise 07-2010
Notification of Exercise 97-2003

Instructions for Completing Notification of Exercise Form

Corrective Action Plan

Exercise Plan (ExPlan)

SNS Drill After Action Report v1.1

Exercise Needs Capacity Assessment Tool

Writing Capability-Based Exercise Objectives Manual

DSHS Exercise Planning Timeline, Discussion-based Exercises

DSHS Exercise Planning Timeline, Operation-based Exercises

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Last updated May 30, 2014