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Training assistance can be requested by contacting your respective DSHS Central Office trainer. The type of assistance that can be provided includes (but not limited to): training development, training guidance, and general training questions.


Training Team Contact Information
Lisa Abate

Training Team Lead

(Assigned to HSRs 6/5S, 8, 11)


Laura Gehrig

Training Specialist   

(Assigned to HSRs 2/3, 4/5N)


Ted Manning 

Training Specialist   

(Assigned to HSRs 1, 7, 9/10)


Shih-Ting Lee

Training Specialist   



Submit the form available here to the Training Coordinator assigned to your region to make a formal request for training development or revision.


2013 Monthly DSHS  Planning-Training_Exercise teams Webinar Schedule

Aug 21

Sept 18

Nov 20

Dec 18

2013 Training Webinar Schedule

April 16

Agenda      Meeting Notes

July 16

Agenda      Meeting Notes

2012 Training Webinars

January 11

Agenda      Meeting Notes

March 27

Agenda     Meeting Notes

June 26

Agenda     Meeting Notes

September 25

Agenda Meeting Notes

December 4

Agenda  Meeting Notes

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Last updated September 19, 2013