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Texas Diabetes Council Meetings


Texas Diabetes CouncilThe Texas Diabetes Council meets at least quarterly, and adopts rules for the conduct of its meetings. Any action taken by the Council must be approved by a majority of a quorum.

2015 Meeting Schedule:

  • January 22, 2015

  • April 23, 2015

  • July 23, 2015

  • October 22, 2015

Council meetings are open to the public – anyone may attend. TAC Chapter 651
For additional information, contact the DSHS Diabetes Prevention and Control Branch at 512-458-7490. All meetings are held in Austin, unless otherwise noted. Exact locations of meetings are posted when meeting space is procured.

Advisory Committees
Advisory Committees

The Council may establish advisory committees as needed and determine the appropriate membership for each committee. Members of an advisory committee serve at the will of the Council. The Council may choose to dissolve an advisory committee at any time. Advisory committee meetings are conducted the day before or the day of quarterly Council meetings.  Current advisory committees and subcommittees are as follows:

Advocacy and Outreach Committee

Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee

  • Outcomes Subcommittee
  • Medical Professionals Advisory Subcommittee
  • Materials Dissemination Advisory Subcommittee 


January 21-22, 2015

Click on the links below to view agendas for each meeting in Microsoft Word.
If the links below are not active or link to old meeting information, agendas for the next meeting have not been posted. Check back closer to the next meeting date.

Texas Diabetes Council committee and subcommittee agendas
microsoft word
Meeting Overview
microsoft word
Texas Diabetes Council
Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee
microsoft word
Outcomes Subcommittee
Medical Professionals Advisory Subcommittee (January 21)

Medical Professionals Advisory Subcommittee (January 22)

microsoft word

Advocacy and Outreach Committee


Upcoming Meeting Information
Upcoming Meeting Information

Next Texas Diabetes Council Meeting:

January 22, 2015
1:00 p.m.
Texas Department of State Health Services
1100 West 49th Street
Austin TX 78756

Last updated January 13, 2015