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A Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas


A plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas 2012-2013Chapter 103 of the Health and Safety Code requires the Texas Diabetes Council (TDC) to develop and implement a state plan for diabetes treatment, education, and training. Changing the Course, A Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas, features the TDC's strategic plan for 2012-2013 and ways state agencies are applying TDC priorities and goals to development of health policy, community-based diabetes programs, education and awareness campaigns, and continuing education for healthcare professionals.

The TDC’s Strategic Plan for 2012-2013 includes five priority areas:

  1. Advancing Public Policy Affecting Diabetes
  2. Evaluating the Impact of Diabetes in Texas
  3. Promoting Comprehensive Programs for the Prevention of Diabetes
  4. Increasing Public Awareness, Promoting Community Outreach and Diabetes Education
  5. Improving Diabetes Care and Prevention of Complications by Health Care Professionals

The TDC submits its plan to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), with copies provided to the Texas Legislature.

The Diabetes in Texas section provides estimated diabetes prevalence and mortality data for the state, as well as statistics on complications and direct and indirect costs. State agencies affected by the plan are required to report on implementation of the plan to the TDC, the Legislative Budget Board, and the Governor’s Office of Budget and Planning. Reports received by the TDC, including activities of the DSHS Diabetes Prevention and Control Branch, are presented in the Activities and Services Update section.  Texas Medicaid, the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, and DSHS provide numbers of Texans with diabetes served and related costs.  A summary of diabetes-related legislation is included in the appendices.

PDF View Changing the Course:  A Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas, 2012-2013  (PDF, 2.7 MB, viewing information) Publication Number: E45-10524

A Plan to Prevent and Control diabetes in Texas 2010-2011

Diabetes:  A Comprehensive Approach

The Texas Diabetes Council’s Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas, 2010-2011, demonstrates how consistent progress on a number of intervention fronts - including patient care, obesity prevention and access to health care – are required to reduce diabetes prevalence and burden from current levels by 2050.  Diabetes systems dynamics modeling tools developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided new insight into how clinical, lifestyle, and health policy interventions have a cumulative effect in reducing the health and economic burden of diabetes in Texas.

PDF View Diabetes: A Comprehensive Approach, A Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas, 2010-2011 (PDF, 2.2 MB, viewing information) Publication Number: E45-10524

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Last updated December 07, 2011