Enforcement Actions - Environmental Lead Program

Suspension Orders Signed by the Assistant Commissioner Division for Regulatory Services, March 2014 - June 2015
Name License # Location Violation Disciplinary Action Final Enforcement Date
Sisk Robb, Inc. 2110445
Colorado Apartments, Building B, 2501 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin

295.212(d)(5)(C) – Failure to have a written occupant protection plan at the worksite
Penalty:  $750
Lonnie C Watson, dba Watson Consolidated 2110039 Residence- 1411 Comal Avenue, Pasadena 295.214 - Failure to submit an amended lead abatement notification

295.214 – Failure to notify by telephone of start and/or stop-date change
Penalty: $1,250 06/30/2015
Modecor Corporation 2110479 N/A 295.330 - Failure to comply with an order issued by the department Suspension of Certification 03/12/2015
Culley, Bob N/A Residence - 205 Timberline Drive North, Colleyville 295.212 - Failure to be certified as an Inspector or Risk Assessor when conducting lead-based paint inspections Penalty: $1,000 01/30/2015
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Last updated December 10, 2015