EMS Local Projects Grant Awards for FY 2014


The Department of State Health Services Office of Emergency Medical Services Trauma Systems Coordination is pleased to announce awards for FY 2014 EMS Local Projects Grants (LPG).  Ninety (90) applicants have been awarded funds totaling $1.6M in support and improvement of the Texas Emergency Health Care System.

Awards have been posted to the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) web site. The ESBD web site lists each organization’s name, address and award amount. Awardees can expect to receive a contract (via email) which includes details of the approved project(s) and reimbursement limits, within the next few weeks. Purchases should not be made until after the contract start date and contract signatures have been secured by DSHS. Purchases made prior to the contract start date will not be reimbursed.  Link to the ESBD FY 2014 EMS LPG awards page: http://esbd.cpa.state.tx.us/award_show.cfm?proc_id=EMS%2FLPG%2D%200557%2E1&ag_num=537 .

If this link does not work, you can perform a search for awards on the ESBD website. Go to the ESBD homepage at: http://esbd.cpa.state.tx.us/ . At the Agency Name pull-down list, select: "Department of State Health Services- 537" and at Search Type, select: "Search Awards". At Agency Requisition Number, type "ems/lpg- 0557.1". Click on "Go". Then click on EMS/LPG- 0557.1

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Last updated September 16, 2013