Potentially Eligible EMS Providers for FY 2015 EMS Allotment-Allocation Funding


The Office of EMS/Trauma Systems Coordination (OEMS/TS) is updating the list of potentially eligible emergency medical service (EMS) providers for the FY 15 EMS Allotment/Allocation (also referred as EMS/County fund).  This funding consists of EMS and Trauma Care System Account (911 funds), the Emergency Medical Services, Trauma Facilities, and Trauma Care System Fund (1131 funds) and the Designated Trauma Facility and Emergency Medical Services Fund (3588 funds).

The list of EMS providers we will use to determine eligibility for FY 15 funding is available below. Please review the spreadsheet carefully for two things:

1) Is your EMS service listed as a provider in the counties where you operate?

-- If your EMS service is not listed in EACH county in which you operate, please contact our office immediately (see contact information below) so we can update the list.

2) Does our office have a contract on file for those counties outside your county of licensure, where you provide emergency medical service?

-- If you are a provider operating within a county other than your county of licensure*, our office must have a copy of your contract or letter of confirmation with that county.

The contracts we have on file are indicated in the "Contract Status" column on the attached spreadsheet.  If you ONLY operate in your county of licensure, we do NOT need a copy of your contract.

What the terms mean in the "Contract Status” column on the attached spreadsheet:

-- A "no" indicates that this county is not your county of licensure and we DO NOT have a copy of your contract with the county. Therefore, you will NOT be considered for funding through that particular county.

-- A "yes" indicates that this county is not your county of licensure and we DO have a copy of your contract or letter of confirmation for emergency services you provide within that county.

-- A "n/a" indicates we do not need a copy of a contract because this is your county of licensure.

* Please Note: Rule 157.130 and 157.131 defines county of licensure as the county which lies within the location of the mailing address of a licensed ambulance provider, as indicated by the provider on the application for licensure that it filed with the Department.

To update your EMS contract information, please reply by August 31, 2014.  If you need to update or add CONTRACT information, please email a copy of your contract to Linda.Reyes@dshs.state.tx.us or fax to Linda Reyes at 512/834-6611.  Provide your contact information on your fax sheet so we can confirm receipt with you.  You may direct questions to Linda Reyes at 512/834-6684 or Indra Hernandez 512/834-6669 .

Click below to view the current list of potential providers. 
List is up-to-date as of 8/18/2014.

Potential Providers Alpha Order    

Potential Providers TSA Order    


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Last updated August 18, 2014