FY14 EMS Allotment Allocation Eligibility


Attention EMS Providers

A licensed EMS Provider that provides 911 and\or emergency transfers may be eligible for funding through the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care System Account (911 fund), the Emergency Medical Services, Trauma Facilities, and Trauma Care System Fund (1131 fund) and the Designated Trauma Facility and Emergency Medical Services Fund (3588 fund).

Funding eligibility for FY 2014 EMS Allotment/Allocation has been determined. Check your organization's funding determination in the Excel spreadsheets on the lower part of this web page. The spreadsheets show if your organization has met requirements for Regional Advisory Council (RAC) participation, Expenditure Reporting and Contract verification, in three separate columns. A “N/A” in a field indicates that particular requirement does not apply to your organization. A “NO” or blank field in ANY column indicates you are NOT eligible for funding. The spreadsheets are complete and up-to-date as of 1/2/2014.

RAC Eligibility Requirements
You must meet ALL RAC eligibility/participation requirements for the previous year, including meeting attendance, participation in performance improvement activities, as requested and utilization of the RAC’s regional trauma plan protocols. Link to Acknowledge Utilization of RAC Protocols form. 

Expenditure Reporting
Submission of all appropriate expenditure reports to the RAC for the fiscal year ending 8/31/13.  This requirement applies if your organization received EMS Allotment/Allocation funds for FY 2012.  You may contact your RAC with questions about your expenditure documentation requirements.

Contract Status
In order to be considered for funding in any county outside your county of licensure, we must have a copy of your 911 contract or Confirmation Form for emergency medical services you provide within that county.  If you have questions regarding your contract status, contact Linda Reyes at linda.reyes@dshs.state.tx.us or 512-834-6684.

How Much Money is Distributed?
Funding is dependent on the amount of money available in the accounts and calculation of the funding formula. The formula includes a trauma service area’s geographic size, its population, and the number of eligible emergency healthcare runs (trauma AND medical) submitted to the DSHS State EMS/Trauma Registry. The total allotment/allocation available for fiscal year 2013 distribution was $2.99 million.

RAC Distribution Plan
Funds are disbursed through your RAC. Another factor which determines how much funding your organization may receive is your RAC's distribution plan. Contact staff in
your RAC office for details regarding distribution of EMS Allotment funds.

Statute and Rules
Health & Safety Code:
Texas Administrative Code:
§157.130 (d) and §157.131 (d).

Contact information for your
Trauma Service Area RAC.


View Provider Funding Eligibility spreadsheets in TSA Order or Provider Order

Up-to-date as of 1/27/2014.


For more information, please e-mail Linda Reyes.



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Last updated January 27, 2014