Continuing Education for EMS Certified Personnel


CE or not?

EMS rules have made CE accrual one of the options for renewal, NOT a requirement for maintaining your certification. If you choose to renew your certificate by completing CE hours, the hours you gain must be DSHS-approved and meet minimum content areas.

CE hours can be completed anytime during your four-year certification period. We recommend your CE accrual be consistent with your employer QI/QA plan.

Reporting CE hours

Submitting your two-year CE report is NO LONGER a requirement for maintaining your certification, and you are not required to submit a CE report form for recertification purposes. Renewing your four-year certification requires that you submit a recertification/relicensing application and fee.

Where and how?

EMS rules allow you several methods to accrue CE hours. All methods must have prior DSHS approval.

CE programs are approved and monitored by staff in EMS field offices located throughout the state. If you have questions about CE providers in your area, contact your local DSHS field office.

More on Continuing Education 
Read §157.38 Continuing Education
DSHS Audiovisual Lending LibraryEMS Health Media Mini-Catalog (PDF,
Viewing Information)
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Last updated April 10, 2014