Open Records Requests


Open Records Requests

Under Texas Law, most records handled by DSHS are considered open records. The Office is required to make those records available for viewing or copying upon request. The Office is also required to recover costs associated with making these records available. These costs include material and labor costs.

The Texas Department of State Health Services Open Records Policy states that all open records requests be in writing and be paid for in advance. Upon receiving the request in writing, a written statement of the costs associated with filling these requests is sent to the requestor. The requestor must then provide payment for these services. After payment is received, the requested records are generated and mailed to the requestor. This process takes several weeks and many hours of staff time.

In an effort to provide the best customer service possible, the Office has identified some of the more frequently requested information and has made it available for immediate download in the Forms and Resources section of this website.

To request specialized reports or information not on this web site, lease send a request via email.  A written request for this information accompanied by payment will be necessary before such specialized reports or information can be generated.

Click here for the Forms and Resources to download the more frequently requested information.

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Last updated February 11, 2014