Failed ECA State Exam


All requirements for certification (including passing the exam) must be completed within one year of course completion date.

 If you failed the exam, you will receive retest instructions along with your grade report.  The retest application should be submitted to your local region office with the retest fee.  A certification verification web site is available for checking your application status at   The certification search site will show a status of  "Failed" AND deficiencies listed as "Needs to submit retest application" and "Needs to submit retest fee".  When your retest application has been processed your record will show "Failed", but you will no longer be able to see the deficiencies.  Once your deficiencies are removed, you can schedule your retest with your local region office.  For information regarding specific details about application submission time lines and test schedules, contact your local Public Health Region office.   Find your local Public Health Region office address, phone number and website at: regions.shtm

If you fail the exam more than once, you may have retest opportunities as allowed by EMS rules.  Refer to retest instructions included with your grade report or contact your local public health region office.

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Last updated January 29, 2013