Types of Family Planning Services Available

health clinicServices are provided to women and men through contracts with local health departments, medical schools, hospitals, private non-profit agencies and community and rural health centers.

  • Health check-up & physical exam;
  • Follow-up for medical problems;
  • Birth control methods (pills, IUC, condoms, shot, ring, etc.);
  • Natural family planning;
  • Lab tests for cervical cancer (Pap), sexually transmitted diseases (STD), HIV, diabetes, and anemia, etc.;
  • Medication for STDs & urinary infections;
  • Pregnancy testing;
  • Abstinence;
  • Pre-Conception Counseling (Planning for having a healthy pregnancy);
  • Nutritional counseling; and
  • Infertility Counseling (Help when having difficulty getting pregnant).

No state or federal family planning funds are used to pay for abortions. To learn more about the regulation of state funded family planning services in Texas, visit the Secretary of State's Texas Administrative Code web site.


Last updated September 20, 2013