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     The Food Establishments Group is within the Division for Regulatory Services.  



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Regulatory Clarifications and Guidance Documents - Food Establishments Group


Regulatory Clarifications

Guidance Documents

Emergency Guidance Documents


Regulatory Clarifications

These Regulatory Clarifications preempt any previous clarification/guidance/policy letters on this subject and remain in effect until superceded in writing by the Food Establishments Group. Attributed use or reproduction of this information is freely granted.

PSRFSGRC - NO. 2: Mobile Shrimp Vendors   (Pub# E23-13188, PDF 162KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 3: Growing "Wheat Grass" To Add To Beverages    (Pub# E23-13189, PDF 219KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 4: Storage of Sanitizing Solution Buckets    (Pub# E23-13190, PDF 159KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 5: Food Employee Infected with Hepatitic C Virus    (Pub# E23-13191, PDF 2207KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 6: Retail Requirements for Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) Oysters  (Pub# E23-13192, PDF 162KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 7: Wooden Skewers As Single-Service Articles    (Pub# E23-13193, PDF 158KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 8: Restriction of a Food Employee With Lesions    (Pub# E23-13194, PDF 161KB)

FEGRC - No. 9: Selling Yard Eggs at a Farmers Market    (Pub# E23-13195, PDF 117KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 10: Demonstration of Knowledge    (Pub# E23-13196, PDF 162KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 11: Competency of Inspectors    (Pub# E23-13197, PDF 263KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 12: Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods    (Pub# E23-13198, PDF 225KB)

PSRFSGRC - No. 14: Service Animals in a Retail Food Establishment    (Pub# E23-13251, PDF 249KB)

FEGRC - No. 15: Requirements for Service (Mop) Sinks    (PDF 112KB)



Cooling of Cooked Potentially Hazardous Foods    (Pub #F23-13356, PDF 76KB)

Food Establishment Inspection Sheet 2006 - General Marking Instructions    (Pub # - E23-13283, PDF 76KB)

Food Temperature Log    (Pub #F23-13334, PDF 82KB)

House Bill 3012 Update Relating to Food Handlers and Other Food Service Employees   (PDF 16KB)

Model Form 1-A - Conditional Employee and Food Employee Interview   (Pub # - E23-13281, PDF 112KB)

Formulario: 1-A Entrevista de empleados condicionales y empleados alimentarios    (Pub # - EF-13281A, PDF 108KB)

Preventing Contamination from Hands    (Pub # - 23-12906, PDF 75KB)

Time As A Public Health Control    (Pub #F23-13363, PDF 87KB)

Variance Request Procedures    (Pub # - E23-13280, PDF 53KB)


Reopening a Retail Food Establishment After an Emergency    (PDF 46KB)

Guidance for Retail Food Establishments Under a Boil Order    (PDF 44KB)

Emergency Shelter Sanitation Guidelines    (PDF 45KB)



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Last updated October 17, 2014