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Dried Plum Products with Elevated Lead Levels - Foods Group


The following table lists distributors and photos of their food products, which have been identified as containing elevated levels of lead.  For more information about lead, health effects and where lead is found see the Department of State Health Services Texas Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, Basic Information page. 

Dried Plum Products Table
Manufacturers, Product Name/Label, and Photos

Please Note:

Many of the package labels are predominately in a foreign language

Click on the Manufacturer/Distributor name to see photos of the package design.

on product package
Product Name on Label
Alamo Packing

The Original Chinese Candy
Dried Plums with Pickle and Lemon
Saladitos Con Pepino Y Limon

Almax International

ItsFruit Chinese Style Dried Prune


ItsFruit Prune Chili Spiced

Bolner’s Fiesta Products Saladitos 6 Count
Candy el Pecas Candy el Pecas Excelencia y Calidad Saladitos con Limon
Casa De Dulce Salted Plum Suckers
Cheung Fat Plum wrapped “candy” (Packaging predominately in Asian foreign language – blue and white bag with candy wrapped in red and white)
Dollar Value Distributor

Salted Prunes

Energy Club Mucho Sabor Y Calidad Chili Rolls and Dried Salted Plums con chile Rollos Y Saladitos
High Class Foods
Packed by Chaio Ly Co. Ltd. ROC
High Class Foods HUA MEI (Packaging predominately in Asian foreign language.
Picture of pineapple and assorted fruits on front of package.
Ingredients are fruits, sugar, salt, licorice)
Hinojosa Brothers
(H.B. Wholesale)

Salted dried plums

Kam Tai Hong

Hua Ho Ying Tzu   (Packaging in Asian foreign  language)

King Midas Salado Sabor Naranja, Saladulces HOLA Lobito
Salado Fresco, Saladulces HOLA Lobito
Salado Agridulce, Saladulces HOLA Lobito
Little Gregory

Chinese Candy
Packaging also contains individual packets of Limon and La Sabrozita

Mega Snack Brand
Shiner Candy Company
Big on Flavor Plums Dried and Salted
Mei Yuan Preserved Foods Co., LTD Meiyuan Dried Red Prune
Mexican Products & Spices

7 Salted Plums
7 Saladitos

Produce Plus Saladitos Chinese Candy
Roxy Trading Co. Preserved Liquoriced Prune
Preserved Plums: Preserved Salted Prunes
Preserved Plums
Preserved Plums: Preserved Red Prunes
Preserved Salted Prune
Mixed Dried Plum
Sanh Yuan Enterprise Preserved Fruit Pitted Prunes
Snackerz Snackerz Salted Plums Saladitos
Snackerz Saladitos con chili
Snak Club Snak Club Saladitos Dried Salted Prunes Bolsa Grande
Tang Hoi Moon Chan Pui Mui Preserved Plum
Wan Tom Food Co. LTD Ka Po Preserved Plum
Yuk Hin Enterprise Co., LTD Preserved Apricot
Preserved Plum





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Last updated January 28, 2015