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Texas Medical Disclosure Panel




The TEXAS MEDICAL DISCLOSURE PANEL (TMDP), established by the 65th Legislature in 1977, is a panel appointed by the Commissioner of Health composed of nine members; three members licensed to practice law in Texas and six members licensed to practice medicine in Texas. TMDP's purpose is to determine which risks and hazards related to medical care and surgical procedures must be disclosed by health care providers or physicians to their patients or persons authorized to consent for their patients, and to establish the general form and substance of such disclosure.

The panel identifies and makes a thorough examination of all medical treatments and surgical procedures in which physicians and health care providers may be involved in order to determine which of those treatments and procedures do and do not require disclosure of the risks and hazards to the patients or persons authorized to consent for the patients.

The TMDP has created two separate lists (List A and B) of those medical treatments and surgical procedures that do and do not require disclosure. The TMDP has also developed Disclosure and Consent Forms, on which the disclosure will be made .


Staff Responsibility

The staff of the Facility Licensing Group is responsible for supporting the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel (TMDP). The panel meets at the call of the Chairman or on petition of at least three members of the panel (usually two to three times annually).


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Contact Information

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FAX: 512-834-4514



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