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    DSHS HIV/STD Program

    Post Office Box 149347, MC 1873
    Austin, Texas 78714

    Phone: (512) 533-3000

    E-mail the HIV/STD Program

    E-mail data requests to HIV/STD Program

    DSHS strives to respond to all email requests in a timely manner. It is important to note, however, that messages that you send to us by email may not be secure and may be intercepted by a third party. Therefore, we recommend that you do not send any confidential health information to us by email.

Resources for STD Prevention Contractors


Program Evaluation Tools
Program evaluation tools used by DSHS.

Testing and Treatment Guidelines
CDC standards for the treatment of HIV and STDs.

Express Visit
A protocol used by some providers to screen for STDs without the patient having to be examined by a physician.

Information on the Texas Infertility Prevention Project.

Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT)
Information on DSHS EPT initiative.

Syphilis Elimination Project
Learn more about syphilis elimination efforts in Texas.

Procedures for Submitting a Notification Request to the Internet Partner Specialist (City of Houston HD)
Guidelines for DIS submitting notification request in Houston.

How to Report Disease
Where and how to report HIV and STD infection.

HIV/STD Partner Services Recommendations [CDC]
The Recommendations for Partner Services Programs for HIV Infection, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydial Infection guide the delivery of partner services to those newly diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

DIS STD Picture Card Set [CDC]
Printable cards illustrating symptoms of STDs.

Visual Case Analysis Form (PDF : 14 kb)

DSHS Laboratory

Reporting Suspected Abuse and Neglect of Children
Information for health care providers.

Contract Awards (PDF : 31 kb)
List of agencies contracted by DSHS under the 2007/2008 HIV Prevention Awards.

Technical Assistance
Information for contractors.

Records Retention
DSHS guidelines for retaining records by contractors.

Meetings and Conferences
List of meetings and conferences which includes links to presentations and materials provided to participants.

HIV/STD Brochures
Listing of HIV/STD brochures available free of charge from DSHS.

Last updated September 04, 2013