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Brucella Brucella
(Brucellosis, Mediterranean Fever, Brucella melitensis, Abortus, Suis, Canis)
ICD-9 023; ICD-10 A23

Fact Sheet     

  Facts about Brucella: agent, reporting, control, incubation, diagnosis and symptoms.


  Brucellosis in Texas

Brucellosis in canines     

  Brucellosis in canines (PDF)

Brucellosis in animals     

  Brucellosis in animals (PDF)

Wild Hog Hunting: Stay Healthy On Your Hunt!     

  Hazards Associated with Wild Hogs (PDF)

CDC Brucellosis Information     

  CDC Brucellosis emergency preparedness and response


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Last updated April 18, 2011