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Refugee Health Screening Program


News and Announcements


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Annual Report 

The Refugee Health Program Epidemiological Report (Adobe PDF File 777 KB) for calendar year 2013 is now available. The report includes statewide arrival, demographic, and health outcome information. Source data originated from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Electronic Disease Notification system (EDN), as  well as from the US Dept. of State Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS). All health outcome data included in this report were submitted by contracted local Refugee Health Programs on the Texas Refugee Health Assessment Form and then entered into the Electronic System for Health Assessment of Refugees (eSHARE).

The report was prepared by Jessica Montour, MPH / State Refugee Health Coordinator.

Posted 6/24/2014

World Refugee Day 

World Refugee Day was established by the United Nations to honor the courage, strength and determination of those who are forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict, and violence.

In addition to refugees, the Refugee Health Program serves asylees, parolees, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders, and Victims of Human Trafficking (VoT). Texas received approximately 7,000 arrivals in FY11.  They originated from a total of 61 different countries, creating an incredibly diverse population with a wide-range of health needs. The majority of arrivals were from Burma (39%), Bhutan (19%), Iraq (14%), and Cuba (14%). Texas now has the largest refugee resettlement program in the nation.

Learn more about refugees at Austin’s World Refugee Day celebration this Saturday, June 23, 2012. Link Icon

Posted 6/20/2012


Program Overview


The goal of the Texas Refugee Health Program (RHP) is to provide eligible clients with culturally and linguistically appropriate comprehensive health assessments, including follow-up and referrals for health conditions identified in the assessment process. The RHP is contracted by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission's Office of Immigration and Refugee Affairs to provide these services.

To learn more, download our factsheet (Adobe PDF File 549 KB).


Posted 6/14/2012




At the request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Texas Department of State Health Services Refugee Health Program participated in a study investigating Vitamin B12 deficiencies in Bhutanese refugees resettled in the U.S.  The results of the initial study were published in an Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

A follow-up study is currently underway to assess the efficacy of the recommendations made in the MMWR.

Posted 1/27/2012



Refugee health clinics in Texas are required to submit a health assessment form for every newly arrived client within their jurisdiction.  The Texas Department of State Health Services has implemented a statewide web-based data system, The Electronic System for the Health Assessment of Refugees (eSHARE), to ensure consistently high and timely rates of quality health assessments for all eligible clients. Read more...

Last updated November 07, 2014
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