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Focused Administration of Vaccine and Prophylactic Medications [ Page 8 ]


Immunization Branch

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Role of Volunteers at Various Stations

Triage Station:

  • Help separate people to be vaccinated - direct to appropriate holding area:
    • Pregnant
    • Child-bearing age
    • Sick
    • Well, susceptible

Interpretation Station:

  • Staffed by trained volunteers who:
    • Provide verbal information about vaccine/prophylactic medication
    • Read Drug Information Sheets/VIS to those unable to read
    • Determine possible contraindications or previous allergic reactions to vaccine/prophylactic medication components.

Registration and sign-in station:

  • Document name of person. Confirm review of current VIS
  • Have individuals sign-in on clinic roster
  • Direct to appropriate vaccination station

Vaccination station:

  • Translate for staff
  • Assist in completing prophylaxis/vaccination records
  • Encourage individuals to keep records on their person at all times
  • Inform individuals about vaccine "take" and any additional doses needed of medicine/vaccine.

Pregnant station:

  • Provide translation as needed

Sick station:

  • Provide translation

Support Personnel

Support personnel include fire fighters (including HAZMAT), law enforcement, private suppliers (portable restrooms, tables, chairs), courier services, mail delivery (US, UPS, FedEx, ), laundry services, medical supply companies, hospital and private clinic personnel, public transportation management and workers, and sanitation workers.


Figure 8. Training Modules



Scope of Response/Control Measures—Epidemiologists, Physicians


Inventory and Control—Supply Managers, Centralized Admin. Personnel, Immunizer Assistants


Vaccine/Prophylactic Medication Administration—Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Immunizer Assistants


Screening, Registration*—Medical screeners, Registration Staff, Forms Collectors


Vaccine/Prophylactic Medication Management—Supply Managers, Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists


Clinic Management—Physicians-in-charge, Nurse Clinic Manager, Pharmacy Manager


Security—Physician-in-charge, Nurse Clinic Manager, Pharmacy Manager, Crowd Controllers, Security Staff (law enforcement), Transportation Support Staff


Emergency Procedures—ALL


Vaccine Safety-- Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Immunizer Assistants, Medical screeners

*Training on information statements, reviewing forms, how to screen and ask questions

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