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Texas Immunization Partnerships

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.

—Anthropologist, Margaret Meade

Description of Partnership Component
Partnerships is part of the Services and Data Coordination Group within the Disease Prevention and Intervention Section of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The primary responsibility of this component is to build sustainable relationships through partners and to jointly work towards improving the vaccination coverage levels of all Texans. Not only is the target to improve vaccine coverage for infants and children ages 0-18, but to increase awareness about the importance of vaccines for Texans across the lifespan. Raising the level of immunity against vaccine preventable diseases continues to be a primary strategic priority of the Commissioner of DSHS.

The mission of the Partnerships component is to unite immunization stakeholders for improving vaccination coverage rates across Texas.

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Become a Partner
Immunization Partners of DSHS aim to increase vaccination coverage levels for all Texans through education/awareness and the promotion of the benefits of vaccines. Partners can be members of community groups or collaborations, professional organizations and or legislatively mandated to raise awareness amongst the populations they serve.

Description of Partners
Partners working with DSHS are identified as the following:

  1. Informal Partners - These partners have limited commitment of resources and activities. Their contribution could simply be effective communication.
  2. Semi-formal Partners - These partners have an active relationship with DSHS but may have limited resources of commitment and activities. They may also engage in a responsibility agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding.
  3. Formal Partners - These partners have a very active relationship with DSHS and mutual commitment of resources and shared ownership of activities. May collaborate on projects.

Technical Assistance
DSHS is committed to offering technical assistance to partners interested in achieving sustainable goals and practices that will raise vaccination coverage levels in their community. Technical assistance can be provided in numerous ways to aide the partner or organization in including effective immunization messages into their strategic plans.

Best Practices
Partnerships at the state and community level are an important tool in putting best practices into action. There are many suggestions and complementary practices and projects that support increasing vaccination coverage rates, however it is proven time and time again that sustainable measures that raise levels are effective when they are supported by the following nationally recognized best practices:

  • Promoting a Medical Home
  • Reminder Recall Systems
  • Use of an immunization registry
  • Public/Parent and Provider Education

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Last updated May 20, 2014