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Local Health Department Contractor Information

new FY2015 Contract Documents new

The following documents are for use from September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2015.

  • FY2015 Contractor's Guide  VPD Guidelines, PDF, 177KB (rev. 09/2014)
    This guide explains how to meet the requirements and provides detailed instructions for immunization subjects that do not have a separate manual. Please be advised that there are separate manuals for the Surveillance program (see link below for Surveillance VPD Guidelines), the Perinatal Hepatitis B program, and for TVFC/Vaccine Services.
  • FY2015 Work Plan  VPD Guidelines, PDF, 177KB (rev. 04/2014)
    The work plan contains all the required activities for contracted local health departments.
  • FY2015 Statement of Work  VPD Guidelines, PDF, 177KB (rev. 04/2014)
    This document includes performance measures, reports due, schedule, billing instructions, and special provisions that are an essential part of the contract.
  • newFY2015 Quarterly Report Form  excel file (rev. 10/2014)
    Please download and use the most current version of the Quarterly Report Form. Delete older versions of this form previously saved. Outdated versions of the report form will be returned for correction.
  • FY2015 On-Site Evaluation Report Form  Word document (rev. 09/2014)
    The On-Site Evaluation Report is the tool all reviewers will use to evaluate each standard and activity required by the Work Plan for the current year. Local Health Departments may find it helpful to use this form as a self-assessment tool to prepare for site reviews.
  • FY2015 On-Site Evaluation Report Instructions  VPD Guidelines, PDF, 177KB (rev. 09/2014)

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The following documents are for use from September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014.

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