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Archived News Releases & Statements

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2010 Archives

2009 Archives

2008 Archives

Updated—Provisional Enrollment Extension for Students Displaced by Hurricane Ike (10/10/2008) PDF icon (39 Kb)

2007 Archives

2006 Archives

Conscientious Exemptions Requested by County (2006) PDF icon (31 Kb)

2005 Archives

Child-care and Pre-K Requirements PDF icon (471 Kb PDF)

Raising Immunizations Thru Education (RITE) (2005) PDF icon (37 Kb)

Child-care and Pre-K Facilities

Hepatitis A vaccine Information

Change in Hepatitis A Vaccine Recommendations/Requirements PDF Icon (January 6, 2006)

Hepatitis B Policy

Hepatitis B Policy for Students Enrolled in Health-related and Veterinary Courses in Institutions of Higher Education PDF Icon (December 21,2005)

Provisional Enrollment Update:

Provisional Enrollment Extension for Students Displaced by HurricanePDF Icon (October 5, 2005)


2004 Archives

New Immunization Requirements for School AdmittancePDF Icon (34KB, :09)

Summary of Changes to Immunization RequirementsPDF Icon (20KB, :05)


2003 Archives

Hepatitis A Requirement for Gonzales County

July 1, 2003: Implementation of requirements for hepatitis B, varicella, and hepatitis A vaccine

The Texas Department of Health and the Texas Education Agency are providing school districts with guidance for implementing a new law for school enrollment. View the letterPDF Icon (280KB, 1:19)

TDH News Release August 22, 2003: Process Explained for Claiming Conscientious Objection to Vaccinations


2002 Archives

FAQs on Immunization Requirements for School AdmittanceMSWord Document Icon (36KB, :10)

Change in Immunization Requirements for Children & Students

Information for School Nurses: Resumption of Td booster doses

Hep A Vaccine Requirement for Texas Schools & Child-Care Facilities View the current map and list of counties that meet this new requirement.

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