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Clinical Chemistry Remote Data Services

About CC Remote Data Services layout table
About CC Remote Data Services
Purpose of Applications:
  • Improve accuracy of Clinical Chemistry (CC) demographic information
  • Improve timeliness in receiving Clinical Chemistry test results
  • Improve submitter access to additional result reports

Copia Web Portal layout table
Copia Web Portal

Due to technical difficulties, COPIA will be down until further notice.

COPIA users will still receive results via mail and fax. In an effort to provide a more efficient way for you to access all your laboratory results electronically using a single log in instead of requesting a log in for each system, we will be transitioning to the Results-Web Portal for viewing of test result reports and report cards. However, this system is not currently available and we request your patience as we work to complete the final modifications. Current COPIA users do not need to complete additional paperwork for a Portal account; you will automatically be given access to the new system. For new/pending COPIA applications, users will be set up to access the Results-Web Portal. Online test ordering functions will not be available in the new system for at least one year.

For new/pending COPIA applications, users will be set up to access the Results-Web Portal.

If you have questions, you may email LabInfo@dshs.state.tx.us or call 1-888-963-7111, ext. 6030.

Copia Portal:


User Manual:

Quick Remote User Guide for Copia (PDF 1.59mb - Large File)

Web FAQ: Web Application Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated June 05, 2013