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TNSPNP Team Members



Project Team: Who we are
The TNSPMP team was selected for its collective diverse perspective and technical expertise, in order to provide input towards the development of performance measures for the newborn screening system. The diverse group of team members will provide varied perspectives in order to shape the development of sound performance measures to help determine if the needs of diagnosed newborns and their families are being met.

It is a privilege to have influential and empowering stakeholders as part of this project. A warm "Thank you" is extended to the individuals listed below for their participation.

System Stakeholders Integrated Project Team

Susan A. Berry, MD - Bio (9kb)

Sandra Billings - Bio (43kb)

Colleen Buechner

George R. Buchanan, MD - Bio (36kb)

Kari Casas, MD - Bio (36kb)

Donna Claeys, BSN, RN - Bio (36kb)

Liza Creel, MPH

L. Margaret Drummond-Borg, MD - Bio (37kb)

R. Michael Dulaney, MD, FAAP

Alice K. Gong, MD - Bio (38kb)

Jose L. Gonzalez, MD, JD, MSEd - Bio (101kb)

Charleta Guillory, MD, FAAP - Bio (45kb)

Cheryl Hermerath, MBA, DLM(ASCP), RM(NRCM) - Bio (9kb)

Eldridge Hutcheson, PhD - Bio (PDF 9kb)

Lisa Kalman, PhD

Scott D. McLean, MD - Bio (40kb)

Javier Ramirez, LCSW - Bio (38kb)

John Saito, MD, FAAP, FCCP - Bio (36kb)

Morgan Sanders, MSSW - Bio (41kb)

Stuart K. Shapira, MD, PhD - Bio (34kb)

Michael E. Speer, MD, FAAP - Bio (41kb)

V. Reid Sutton, MD - Bio (37kb)

Larry Sweetman, PhD - Bio (37kb)

Lois Taylor, RN, BSN, CPM - Bio (38kb)

Bradford Therrell, Jr, PhD - Bio (36kb)

Simran K. Tiwana, MBA, PhD - Bio (9kb)

Sister Mary Nicholas Vincelli, BS, RN, MA - Bio (42kb)

Don P. Wilson, MD - Bio (37kb)

Erica Wright, MS, CGC - Bio (37kb)

Jerald L. Zarin, MD - Bio (40kb)

Dawni Allen, MPH

Cheryl Burcham, PMP - Bio (35kb)

Sherry Clay, MA - Bio (37kb)

Patrick Clynch, MSEd, LPC - Bio (10kb)

Debra Freedenberg, MD, PhD - Bio (37kb)

Paula Geurin, RN, BSN

Daisy Johnson, RN, BSN, MPA

Grace Kubin, PhD

David R. Martinez - Bio (39kb)

Jann Melton-Kissel, RN, MBA - Bio (42kb)

Diane McCoy-Edwards

Jimi Ripley-Black

Robin L. Scott, PMP

Susan Tanksley, PhD - Bio (38kb)

Jill Wallace, MA

Donna Williams - Bio (40kb)


Last updated April 11, 2011