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Laboratory Services Section - Viral Isolation



Notice: As of April 1st, 2015, the Viral Isolation Team will no longer perform viral isolation using cell culture methods on measles, mumps, or rubella specimens. Specimens submitted for measles and mumps testing will be tested by rRT-PCR, and specimens submitted for rubella will be forwarded on to CDC for testing. In addition, any specimens that are positive for measles or mumps will be forwarded on to CDC for further characterization/genotyping. Specimens that do not meet DSHS criteria for testing may be forwarded on to CDC upon approval. Please contact (512)-776-7594 if you have any questions regarding specimen submission for measles, mumps, or rubella.

About Us

The Viral Isolation Team at the Texas Department of State Health Services identifies viruses in both patient and reference specimens submitted by physicians, hospitals, or other laboratories. Specimens may be submitted for diagnostic, reference, or surveillance testing. The laboratory receives approximately 2500 specimens annually from across the state of Texas for virus isolation studies. In addition, the laboratory serves as a referee laboratory for the New York State Virus Isolation Proficiency Program. 

Most specimens for virus isolation are tested by cell culture methods, including both standard tube culture and shell vial, where appropriate. In addition, specimens may be evaluated by electron microscopy for direct detection of viruses in the specimen. Molecular detection methods are also used for certain viruses. Identification methods include fluorescent antibody testing, PCR, hemagglutination inhibition, and electron microscopy.



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Contact Us

Crystal Van Cleave
Viral Isolation Team
(512) 776-7594
(888) 963-7111 ext. 7594 toll free

Laboratory Services Section, MC 1947
Department of State Health Services
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Austin, TX  78714-9347

Last updated March 09, 2015