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The Texas Massage Therapy Act defines massage therapy, massage therapist, massage school, massage therapy instructor, and massage establishment; sets out licensing requirements for massage therapists; authorizes the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to adopt rules relating to massage therapists, massage therapy instructors, massage schools, and massage establishments; establishes DSHS as the regulatory authority for massage therapy in the state; and prohibits persons from acting as or representing the person as a massage therapist, massage school, massage therapy instructor, or massage establishment without a license unless otherwise exempt from the licensure requirement.

The text of the law is available to download or print by scrolling to Chapter 455 at:

Note: You can find the Texas Occupations Code by scrolling and selecting "Occupations Code" on the first drop down box, then on Article/Chapter, scroll and select "Chapter 455, Massage Therapy", and finally select the "Go" button to view or print the Texas Occupations Code.

House Bill 2644 became effective September 1, 2007

House Bill 2644, relating to the licensing and regulation of massage therapy in Texas, was enacted by the 80th Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Perry on June 15, 2007. The bill amends Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 455, which is the law that regulates the practice of massage therapy in Texas.

Select the link below to review the bill's history, text, and action from the Texas Legislature Online website.

Statement on Implementation of HB 2644


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Last updated July 07, 2010