Local Planning and Network Development Draft Procurement Documents and Final Notices


A Local Mental Health Authority planning to procure mental health services from external providers as part of the local network development process is required develop a draft of the procurement document and post it for public comment for at least 14 days. This applies to the Open Enrollment or Request for Application (RFA) process and to the competitive application or Request for Proposal (RFP) process. One of the required methods for publicizing the opportunity to comment is posting a copy of the draft procurement document on the Department of State Health Services website.

During the public comment period potential providers may offer suggestions relating to the procurement document itself, and are also invited to describe any challenges in providing services within the LMHA’s local service area. Anyone seeking to comment on one of the documents posted here is encouraged to follow the procedures identified by the LMHA; a link to each LMHA’s website is provided for your convenience on each of the pages listed on the page listing Local Mental Health Authorities. Do NOT submit comments to the Department of State Health Services.

When the Draft Procurement period has ended and the final procurement document is ready for distribution, the Local Mental Health Authority must publicize a Notice of its availability. As with the draft, this Notice must be posted on the LMHA website for the required amount of time. Links to LMHA websites may be found by following the links to the individual pages listed on the LMHA index page.

Centers are listed below chronologically by date of posting (oldest first), with a link to the LMHA’s web site. Please note: The document must be made available for comment for required length of time according to the rule. The posting period for the document on the DSHS web site may vary from the posting period on the LMHA web site.

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Last updated May 04, 2015