Local Planning and Network Development Information For Potential Providers



DSHS is no longer accepting Provider Inquiry forms for the 2012 planning cycle.

The 2012 Local Network Development Plans have been completed and submitted to DSHS for review and approval. Local Planning and Network Development occurs in a two-year cycle, and the next planning period will begin in 2014. Local plans specify the procurements a Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA) plans to conduct over the next two year period for services funded through the DSHS Performance Contract, including Medicaid. If you are interested in contracting with an LMHA, please review the local plan to see if a relevant procurement is planned. Each LMHA is required to post its Local Network Development Plan on its website, and you can access the draft plans through the list of LMHAs. These plans do not, however, limit the LMHA’s procurement and contracting activities. You may contact an LMHA at any time to discuss contract opportunities. If you contact an LMHA before the next planning cycle begins, the LMHA is required to contact you during the 2014 planning cycle so that your interest can be considered in developing the 2014 plan.

October 10, 2012

Providers who are interested in providing mental health services in one or more of the LMHA service areas are directed to select the link of that LMHA from the list of participating LMHAs.  Please note that NorthSTAR does not develop its network through the Local Planning and Network Development process.

Using the Provider Inquiry Form, potential providers submit a description of their qualifications, including their experience as it relates to the same or similar services and populations defined in the RDM service packages. Information submitted by interested providers will be posted on the appropriate LMHA web page(s).

This is a list of providers who have indicated their possible interest in providing certain services in the area served by a particular LMHA.

Submitting Completed Provider Inquiry Forms

  • Completion of the Provider Inquiry Form (MS Word) indicates your interest in providing services for one or more Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs).
  • Please review the information about each LMHA before completing the form. In making your selections, remember that the LMHAs you choose will be contacting you to schedule a follow-up meeting. Narrowing your focus from the start can reduce the time and effort you and the LMHAs need to invest later in the process.
  • Applicants must be qualified, credentialed and capable of providing services according to the Resiliency and Disease Management (RDM) requirements.
  • Information provided on this form will be posted to applicable Department of State Health Services’ (DSHS) Local Network Planning and Development web page(s).
  • After posting, LMHAs and other interested stakeholders, including the public, will be able to review the information you provide on this form.
  • Completing this form does not in any way commit the LMHA to procure your services, and DSHS will have no role in arranging for your services to be procured by the LMHA.
  • Refer to the list of LMHAs for a list of counties served by each local mental health authority.
  • Refer to RDM Service Requirements and Other Standards for a list of service package definitions
  • When complete, return the form via email to LPND@dshs.state.tx.us. Please include the name of the organization in the subject line, and contact information in the body or signature of the e-mail message.
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Last updated October 10, 2012