Goals, Mission and Vision



We deliver individualized psychiatric care to persons with mental illness


We pursue excellence through flexiblility and innovation


  • Respect - We establish trust by strictly observing individual rights and maintaining confidential communications.

  • Dignity - We preserve the human dignity of patients through positive interactions and by avoiding the use of coercive methods of treatment.

  • Compassion – We provide compassionate care consistent with our history.

  • Safety - We protect our patients, our co-workers and members of our community by maintaining a safe hospital environment.

  • Diversity - We recognize our differences and embrace opportunities to educate ourselves in understanding each other better.

  • Education – We educate patients about their illness and treatment in order to improve understanding and promote wellness.

  • Community – We recognize the importance of communicating our mission to the patients and communities we serve because we are partners in the treatment process.
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Last updated March 23, 2010