Terrell State Hospital Contact Information


Terrell State Hospital
1200 East Brin
Terrell, TX 75160

972.563.6452 (main phone number)
972.551.8248 (Admissions)
972.551.8784 (Martha Allen Family Center)


Terrell State Hospital Staff Contact Information
Dorthy Floyd, Ph.D. Superintendent dorthy.floyd@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8560
Nancy Drake Assistant to Superintendent nancy.drake@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8566
Mike Verseckes            Assistant Superintendent mike.verseckes@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8200
Vacant     Assistant to Assist. Superintendent    
David R. Teel         Financial Officer david.teel@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8325
Judy Tanner Assistant to Financial Officer judy.tanner@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8563
  Clinical Director    
Alison Novak Assistant to Clinical Director alison.novak@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8166
Kathryn Griffin, RN,
Chief Nurse Executive kathryn.griffin@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8548
Vertis Storey Director, Quality Management vertis.storey@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8887
Vickie Barnes Assistant Director, Quality Management vickie.barnes@dshs.state.tx.us 972-551-8777
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Last updated June 18, 2015