Best Practices Clearinghouse for Mental Health Systems


The Clearinghouse is a resource designed to help Local Mental Health Authorities and other behavioral health providers, consumers, family members and interested stakeholders find information about practical approaches for improving mental health service systems that have demonstrated effectiveness, with emphasis on practices that are working in Texas. There is also a Texas Behavioral Health Clearinghouse focused on clinical practices that is maintained by the University of Texas at

Established by the 80th Texas Legislature in HB 2439, the Clearinghouse includes topics related to the provision of mental health services, development of a local provider network, and achievement of best return on public investment in mental health services. The Clearinghouse recognizes that an effective service delivery system is consumer-driven and maximizes choice and access to qualified service providers. Best practices are grouped into three broad categories: consumer-related, business and administrative and clinical practices. The Clearinghouse house accepts submissions in all categories on an ongoing basis, as well as suggestions for best practices that might be appropriate for inclusion. Complete submission details may be found in the Clearinghouse Solicitation Notice »

About House Bill 2439

With the passage of House Bill 2439, the 80th Texas Legislature amended portions of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the functions of Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs). Its provisions include:

Section 3: Creation of a local authority network advisory committee to advise the executive commissioner and the Department of State Health Services on technical and administrative issues that directly affect local mental health authority responsibilities.

Section 4: Requirements for the development and approval of local provider network development plans that reflect local needs and priorities and maximize consumer choice and access to qualified service providers.

Section 5: Establishment of an online clearinghouse of information relating to best practices of local mental health authorities regarding the provision of mental health services, development of a local provider network, and achievement of the best return on public investment in mental health services.

Read the full text of HB 2439 (PDF - File viewing informationInformación de visualización de archivos)


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