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Continuity of Care Task Force Report - September 27, 2010

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) convened the Continuity of Care Task Force (COCTF) to address the continuum of care for individuals with behavioral health disorders who move through multiple state, local and other provider systems, and prioritizing recommendations to improve continuity and capacity of care between systems. The COCTF prioritized data development and analyzed global service system issues in making the recommendations concerning policy and practice, statute, clinical practices, and interim work, all of which are addressed in the final report of the Task Force.


The goals of the Continuity of Care Task Force are to:

  • Examine the overall continuum of care for individuals with severe mental illness who move through multiple systems
  • Make and prioritize recommendations to improve efficiencies, access and quality
  • Examine barriers to discharge for individuals in State Hospitals with extended lengths of stay
  • Make and prioritize recommendations to resolve barriers to discharge.

Task Force Timeline

  • Four Task Force Meetings
  • Four Public Forums
  • Individual Interviews
  • Meetings with Key Professional Groups
  • Final Report - September 30, 2010

Task Force Meetings

Public Forums


Additional Resources

  • Outpatient Competency Restoration (MS Word)
    Brief description of the Outpatient Competency Restoration Program and a chart with statistical data about program participants.
  • State Hospitals - Acute Care (MS Excel)
    This spreadsheet, from the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) Medical Directors group, is a national survey of state operated non-forensic adult acute beds in state hospitals and it provides some perspective on how other states have allocated their forensic and civil beds. It also provides some of that global perspective that Dr. Schnee discussed during the February 19, 2010 meeting.

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