Medicaid Services Unit NorthSTAR Data Book and Trending Reports


Data Book and Trending Reports

  • Please note: Reports are run on different dates and numbers will not necessarily match when comparing reports with each other.

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  • Data Book Tabs

    • CL (‘Clients’) - Count of NorthSTAR Medicaid enrollees by risk group (SSI Child, SSI Adult, SSI Aged, TANF Child and TANF Adult).
    • SV (‘Served’) - Count of NorthSTAR enrollees by demographic group (gender, age, ethnicity).

    • CO (‘County’) - Count of NorthSTAR enrollees by county and risk group.

    • NSQ (‘NorthSTAR Quality’) - Number and percent of NorthSTAR enrollees who received community or emergency services following Emergency Room or 23-hour observation services. Also included are the number and percent of enrollees receiving mental health, chemical dependency and dual diagnosis services.

    • MHQ (‘Mental Health Quality’) - Number and percent of NorthSTAR mental health enrollees discharged from community or psychiatric hospitals who received community or emergency services following discharge. Number and percent of enrollees who received medication services only and Specialty Provider Network services are also shown.

    • CDQ (‘Chemical Dependency Quality’) - Number and percent of NorthSTAR chemical dependency enrollees who received residential treatment, outpatient services or residential detox services following residential treatment. Also presented is the count of enrollees who continued a course of treatment for 90 days with no break in service of over fifteen days.

    • RDM (‘Resiliency and Disease Management’) - Mental health Resiliency and Disease Management treatment outcomes for adults and children. The unduplicated count of adults and children by service package assignment is also shown.

    • SVC (‘Service’) - Count of NorthSTAR claimants by risk group for the following service categories: RDM services, community inpatient services, ER/Observation Room, medication services, CD residential inpatient and outpatient services, and other community services.

    • RX (‘Prescription Medication’) – Number of NorthSTAR enrollees receiving new generation or other medications funded by the BHO or covered by Medicaid.

    • HOS (‘Hospitalization’) – Number of NorthSTAR enrollees and number of bed days at community and state hospitals. Also included are the number of enrollees and number of bed days per 100,000 population for enrollees below 200% Federal poverty level.

    • CMP (‘Complaints’) – Count of NorthSTAR provider and enrollee complaints/appeals by specific complaint categories.

    • PROV (‘Provider’) – Number of active, billing facility and individual providers by county for adult or child enrollees.

    • EN (‘Encounter’) – Percent of encounters billed within 60 days of service and the percent of encounters paid within 30 days of service. The percent of encounters denied for specific reasons is also shown.

    • F & S (‘Financial’) – NorthSTAR customer service expenditures compared to state payments, compared direct service claims target (DSCT).

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    Last updated October 03, 2014