Texas P.R.I.D.E. Crisis Counseling Program Survivor Success Stories Recovering, Rebuilding, and Reclaiming Life Stories from the Hurricane Ike CCP


  • JoAnne's Story
    San Leon resident JoAnne Forest, 68, decided to stay put during Hurricane Ike, but as the water started crashing in around her, she quickly changed her mind. The water got so deep that Forest barely made it to shelter. Continue reading »

  • Jaylee's Story
    Jaylee Phillips, 32, relocated to Lufkin from Beaumont with her two young children after Hurricane Ike. She is a paraplegic single mom, who was looking to improve the life of her children. Continue reading »

  • Cathy's Story
    Gulf Coast Center Texas P.R.I.D.E. Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) team leader, Cathy Brown helps many Hurricane Ike survivors everyday, but what many do not know is that she is a survivor herself. Continue reading »

  • Picking up the Pieces
    Galveston area residents find a way to cope with the stress of Hurricane Ike through art therapy. The Gulf Coast crisis counseling team guides adult support groups and students on Bolivar Peninsula on how to use the idea of making a mosaic to put the pieces of their lives back together. Continue reading »

  • The Rader Family's Story
    The Rader family, a 14-year-old boy, a 9-year-old girl, their mother and their aunt were shocked at how fast the water rose during Hurricane Ike. The car was flooded in the driveway before it could be moved, and the house had to be evacuated rapidly. The family had to wade through chest deep water to reach high ground, some not knowing how to swim. Continue reading »

  • Rosa's Story
    Rosa Wilson, a retired teacher from Orange, TX, felt like a nomad after Hurricane Ike flooded her home, and ruined everything. She had never in her life had to stay in shelters. Continue reading »

  • Lou's Story
    Imagine walking into your home to see inches of mud covering everything you own. For Lou Enard, and many other Hurricane Ike survivors this was a reality. Continue reading »

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Last updated May 07, 2010